Monday, February 6, 2017

Digesting new 30k news

Like many other fans of 30k, I was eagerly watching the incoming blog rolls over the weekend for news of the Horus Heresy Weekender that was happening (and that I can almost never attend due to distance, money, real life, etc., etc., and other lame excuses).

I must admit that I'm really liking what I am seeing of Inferno and of the semi-preview of Angelus (apart from the name in part!).

Hopefully Inferno will be in my hands just as soon as it goes on regular sale. I'm impressed with the take of the early Space Wolves to say the least. I feel that their rules really capture what they're all about. And the rules for Russ himself are high quality. Sure, he is not a force multiplier, but I don't think I ever particularly saw him in that way. However, to see he is the Loyalist version of Angron was a bit of a surprise. And his armour is truly excellent to say the least.

The Thousand sons, for me, also perfectly capture them rules wise compared to the background materials. The dominance of psykers within their ranks and their leadership fits right in. The rules for Magnus are terrific and I like the fact that he can boost psychic powers up to destructor strength to say the least. I think the Thousand Sons will mix things up in the meta game more than any other force. They will compete strongly with the Word Bearers in the psychic phase and provide numerous playing options and potential allies (modulo the exact wording of the "warlord" issue that they must take) and perhaps even for Coils of the Hydra in some ways as well.

Overall, very pleased! And excited. Can't wait for Inferno to go on sale frankly! Hurry and and take my hard earned money please!

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