Sunday, February 26, 2017

Storm of Sigmar

On a visit to a Games Workshop, I was a little bit pressured by my daughter to purchase this boxed set for her … plus it was a recommendation from the store manager that not only was it extremely good value for money, but a nice introduction to the game. I think I'd have preferred Lost Patrol or something like that perhaps. Regardless, this was what was bought in the end (with some 40k miniatures for myself as well!). 

I stayed up last night putting everything together for my daughter. In total, there are five Storm Casts, and Eight Khorne minions (with four total war scrolls and the full Age of Sigmar rules set). 

The boxed set is very nice, and the plastic miniatures that it contains amazingly detailed. When folks whisper how awesome plastic is these days, they are probably referring to some of these newer mould productions. Seriously: with four frames, and lying incredible flat, the miniatures that are able to be built from it are truly dynamic and very few in terms of fiddle some parts. This is all good for an introductory set. And assuming one does not with to extensively convert any of the miniatures. Given that this is a game for my daughter, I didn't.

My only really complaint with the boxed set are the instructions. As can be seen from the second image, they're wrong in terms of which bits to cut from the sprue to make up certain miniatures. This one is just wrong. Its an easy mistake to make, but one that I hope is also easy to fix up (I wonder if anyone from GW actually reads my humble blog at all?). To me, it was obvious that it was wrong at the outset, but for others who don't have as much assembling experience, I do wonder if they would struggle or not.


Tim Davis said...

Give customer services an email, they'll forward on the mistake to the studio :)

Greg Hess said...

Agree. GW/FW customer service is some of the best I've ever dealt with.

jabberjabber said...

Email sent!
And yes -- I completely agree that they're usually fab in terms of customer services!

jabberjabber said...

I had a very pleasant reply from GW today. They're going to forward this on to the relevant department and have it corrected by the sounds of it! Nice work GW!

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