Monday, February 27, 2017

Ophidian Archway

One of the newer scenery pieces thanks to the Age of Sigmar transition from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the ophidian archway is one that I have been keen to get my hands on for a while. With my daughter wanting to play a bit of Age of Sigmar, it provided the perfect excuse to see just how it all slots together and to see how it, in turn, stacks up against 40k scenery of a similar ilk.

The first thing to say is that this has far less parts than a manufactorum or similar. With less configurations possible, this archway is either a "wall" or a "U" shape in essence. As can be seen in the images, I built it in the U-shape configuration. This is largely so I can have the upper walkway in place and be well supported. 

Since I never built these pieces before, I followed the instructions to the letter. I think this was a mistake in hindsight as it caused a few irregularities. The main one being the gap that can be seen in the second image between the bend of the wall. The principle cause of this was the base of the archway that didn't quite mesh well with the other corner bases. If I were to build this again, I'd glue the walls in place first and then worry about the bases as the final step. As it is, I will have to use a bit of greenstuff to weld together and cover up these gaps at the wall corners. Not to worry - its an easy fix. Otherwise, this is a great bit of scenery, and for a good price as well (at least compared to 40k!). 

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