Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Poll Results: Buying a Titan

Just over a week ago, we asked would you consider purchasing a titan from Forge World, under the assumption that money was not an issue. 

Thank you for all of the votes - the poll has now closed. The results were as follows:
11% said no: they would never use it.
3% also said no: nowhere to store it.
30% said yes: but just for hobby and painting or collecting purposes.
54% said yes: for gaming and hobby purposes.

I must say that I was pretty impressed that so many people were totally in favour of purchasing one and playing one on the battlefield, in addition to the painting and hobby aspect. Perhaps this reflects my readership though, where many people come here these days for 30k goodness? 

Impressively, one third said they would collect it for painting and hobby purposes. This is also an impressively high tally. 

For myself, I'm probably in-between those two options. Much like my earlier Shadow Sword super-heavy tank, it would be a piece that I would take my time assembling and creating and perhaps only game with once in a while. The Shadow Sword makes an appearance about once or twice per year on a battlefield -- usually an Apocalypse level game to be honest. Or simply as scenery!

Since I'm not wanting to scratch build one (hat tip to you guys who did, and messaged me / commented about it! very impressive stuff), perhaps I should write to Santa. Its not too late, right? ;-)

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