Monday, December 14, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Zardu Layak, The Crimson Apostle

Although his real name is now lost, Layak is widely known in the Word Bearers Legion for his burning of many worlds and being the de factor chapter master of the Unspeaking - a cancerous heart at the centre of a chapter now being all but transformed by the power of the Primordial Truth.

Layak is a diabolist master of the Legion is able to bring daemons as allies to any army - without having to take the legion's rite of war (i.e. a Word Bearer army with daemons is possible with Orbital assault! Wow!). Better than that is the bonus he confers to dark channelling - something that is mandatory if he is used as the "unlock" for Ashen Circle being troops that he enables.

The panoply of flame is an interesting item that can shoot as a heavy flamer once per game, as well as providing a bonus to assault resolution. Therefore this is a HQ selection that begs to be getting in to close combat as early and frequently as possible (remember the cut them down special rule for this legion as well!).  Since he is a level 2 psyker / sorcerer, he also has a force weapon - but this one is at +2S which makes it very attractive.

The fact that Layak only has 2 wounds is an ongoing concern for any army that has him as his warlord. I would suggest a transport option to get him around and in to combat (land raiders, or aerial beasts like Caestus assault rams preferably). Take some bodyguard with him and boost them psychically if possible.

This is an assault HQ, and one that it very viable at low points cost levels - a great alternative to the likes of Kor Phaeron and Erebus.

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Unknown said...

Bear in mind he can "select" not roll for powers from Demonology for demon summoning.

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