Thursday, December 24, 2015

Names for Titans

When reading the Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 novels, there are a large range of names employed for every culture and sect imaginable therein. The Legio Titanicus are no exceptions.

The names for titans appear to be sourced from one of several linguistic origins. Firstly are the mostly English names; e.g., Iron Hunger (source: Horus Heresy Massacre). These generally appear more in the latter day Warhammer 40,000 books. There are hints of name from cultures such as the ancient Celts; Sidhe being one such example that I stumbled across (source: Helreach).

Most names for titans appear to be sourced from Latin, or pseudo-latin words that have been cobbled together though. And it is these names that I want to concentrate on in today's post.

Below, I have assembled a non-grammatically correct list of nouns and adjectives in the latin and pseudo-latin word-use common in Warhammer 30,000 and 40,000 for Titans of all allegiances. Their very approximate English equivalents are listed by their sides (please comment if any are awry, or if there are further bona fide examples please!). I hope this list might, ultimately, prove useful to those people thinking about how to name their engines, or even vehicles.

Abominatus - Abomination
Aeternem - Eternal
Amadeus - Love of god
Annihilus - Annhilation
Anthrop - Human
Apocalyptus - Apocalypse
Aquila - Eagle
Arcadia - Perfection / Utopia (particularly in a pastoral sense)
Aristeas - the best / the best that there is
Arma - Arms (i.e. weaponry)
Ascerbus -  searching (?)
Ashima - protector (this one is not quote latin to be honest)
Astramos - Fearless (? - probably Greek rather than Latin).
Astrus - Baffling (this one is the Welsh translation though).
Atrox - Frightful / Fierce
Augmenautus - augmented?
Augustus - Majestic
Bane - Bane
Bellum - War
Calvara - Scalp
Calvis - Topped / Top / arguably Bald?
Canarius - Dog-like
Canis - Dog
Canus - Aging
Carnophage - a compound and invented name: Carno meaning Meat, Phage meaning eater
Castigatus - Castigate / Reprimand / Severe
Causa - Cause / the reason
Celestus - Celestial
Conquist - probably referred to subjugation?
Consecratus - Consecrated
Corporalis - Bodily / Physical
Credo - (I) Believe
Crusadus - Crusade
Defensor - Defender
Deus - god
Dies - Days
Diligens - Love / Diligent
Divinitus - Divine
Dominatus - Mastery / Lord
Dominus - Lord
Domitus - Tamed
Enervatus - Enervate
Eruditus - to Teach / Educate
Evocatus - Summoned / Volunteer
Excelsus - High (lofty)
Exemplis - Examples
Ferrus - (corruption of Ferrous) Iron
Ferus - Wild / Fierce
Fidei - Faith
Fortis - Strong
Guis - Blood
Gyrfalcon - A type of very large falcon
Honoris - Honour
Ignis - Fire
Impassionata - Impassioned? (not latin really!)
Imperious - Imperious
Indomitus - Untamed / Savage
Inferno - Hell
Invidiosa - probably a corruption of Invidious (meaning: likely to incur anger or resentment)
Ionicus - Grouse?
Irae - Anger
Juvat - Help
Kollidus - corruption of Collidus meaning Collider (?)
Lux - Light
Majesti - (corruption) Majestic
Makabre - (corruption) Macabre meaning Gruesome / Grim
Martial - Martial (relating to fighting / war)
Monstrum - Monster
Mori - Die
Mortis - Death
Nox - Night
Odio - Hate
Pater - Father
Pax - Peace
Phobos - Fear
Pugnus - Fist
Regni - Kingdom
Rex - King
Sacrum - Sacred
Stratus - Saddle
Tempestus - weather / tempest
Tempus - Time
Terminatus - Terminator / The End
Terribilis - Terrible / Fearful
Thrysus - a type of Staff (tipped with a cone)
Titanus - Titan
Ultra - Beyond
Venataris - (possible corruption of Hunter??)
Vertex - Top
Victrix - Victorious
Volant - Flying

[The image in this post is of a Warlord Titan, snapped at Warhammer World's Forge World shop]


Siph_Horridus said...

I use similar gothic Latin, mine are Canis Bellum, Canis Praetor, Honorum and Dominus Victoria.

jabberjabber said...

Love it! I've asked Santa for a Warhound, so I might need to think about names soon; assuming I'm in the good category and not naughty...

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