Thursday, December 3, 2015

Painting Alpha Legion Snipers 5. Fine Details

To finish off my Alpha Legion sniper squad, I added a number of finer details. These included painting the edges of the armour in a sky blue colour, as well as adding a number of features to the armour. The image below shows the tabletop ready squad.

In the next image, there's a close up of a hand-painted chain on the forearm of one of the snipers that I painted up just for fun (and following the pattern established by "Extermination").

Although they're now mostly finished, there are a few jobs left to do. The most obvious is to add the shoulder pads. Yet, there's other things I'm going to do, including adding some paint chipping, tidying up some of the paint issues and errors I've made along the way and working a little bit more on the faces under the hoods. Otherwise, they're pretty much ready to deploy!

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