Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Matching Vallejo to Citadel Paints

Recently, I decided to start mixing up my paints, and trying to find matches between different ranges of paints. This has been something that I've actually been doing for many years to be honest. My paints now belong to multiple ranges, including (but certainly not limited to) both Citadel paint range as well as Vallejo paints. I'm also known to use to really cheap paints from bargain basement stores to cover vast areas of terrain when I need to. 

This raises a problem when one is painting armies (and one that I've only just truthfully encountered) and needs to match colours between ranges of course. In order to make an army look uniform (pardon the pun), I chanced upon a colour conversion chart on Dakka that for some reason I've not actually come across before.

Hence, this post is a back link to the article on Dakka:

Its mainly for my reference, but certainly it could be of wider use to my broader audience who want to figure out whether the old Goblin Green is the equivalent of Warboss Green (in the new Citadel range) as well as Pastel Green (Vallejo Model Colour) and Chasm Green (Rackham). 

One conversion chart that I cannot find though is the inverse: what is a Vallejo colour (or a different company) in Citadel's range? Granted, this link to Dakka completely sorts out most of the inverse problem, but some colours (e.g., blue gunmetal from Vallejo) simply don't exist in Citadel.

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