Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forge World's Willingness to Talk

One of the highly striking things to me as a very long term gamer who has played a large number of systems over the years (as well as roleplaying, etc), is that I now think there is a very marked difference between Games Workshop core activity and Forge World's approach to things (as well as other companies).

Whereas Games Workshop shrouds its releases in almost (and arguably) a murk of secrecy that leaves bloggers and regular Joes wondering what they're up to and what the next release might or might not be, Forge World actively tries to answer questions as to where everything is up to and what their next release is. Sure, Forge World does pull surprises out of the bag (for example, the Garro release was not rumoured about much, if at all as far as I can tell), but it actively engages its customers in a conversation as to where things are at, even if it means "bad" news such as the battle for Prospero book between the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves being delayed. There are some secrets, such as where Corax' sculpt is up to. But overall, there's simply much more communication.

We see this in other lines of business. During a crisis in Qantas Airlines a few years ago, the CEO Alan Joyce could regularly be seen addressing the press - and probably against valued opinion to stay silent. I think this tactic pays a lot more dividends than remaining silent to the general public, even if it does mean some public bloodletting.

As an opinion, I would like to see Games Workshop engage its player base more as it might pay better dividends than secrecy does. Mayhaps. Caveat Emptor: I'm not in charge of any of these choices, its just what I'd prefer to see. And purely opinion.

Equally, maybe I just like Forge World!

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