Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Questoris Knight Magaera

Rare knight chassis combined with weapons of ancient provenance make for the Magaera to be top shock knight in the Questoris Knights army list.

This beast is a bit more survivable than the cousin knights it serves with thanks to its ionic flare shield. In short, it causes the Strength of incoming shots to be reduced.

Combined with its weaponry (which is lower in strength than some of the other choices available) means that this knight is one that is dedicated for infantry hunting, rather than taking out tanks.

In a secondary role, the Magaera will also be very good at clawing down buildings thanks to its Hekaton siege claw. Again, this is not tank hunting.

This unit therefore needs to be played as a front line knight, and not one that is going to be hanging back and firing at other knights.

No appreciable weaknesses here. Its a knight. Its not suited for tank hunting. So play accordingly. Further, I would personally favour other knights over this particular build. I'm not super-keen on it as I think other knights do better jobs for the points. But if you like the model and want an anti-building or anti-infanry knight, then why not: go for it. Its just not to my taste.

The only question to my mind for the builds it whether to exchange the Hekaton siege claw in favour of a rad cleanser. The bonus of flesh bane and rad phage is immense. But equally, there are probably other weapons in a Questoris army to help do this. Plus its still a template weapon, which means one needs to get in to close range anyway. Therefore, I would personally err on the side of the Hekaton. And save the extra points for other things in the army. I would therefore favour taking a "naked" Magaera for 395 points.

In terms of household ranks, we need to look to exploit the anti-infantry and / or anti-building role of this knight. I'd personally favour Scion Implacable for the anti-building role. I could see Scion Uhlan being okay here, but otherwise, I'd simply opt for a regular Scion Martial to be honest.

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