Friday, October 2, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Stormhammer Super-Heavy Assault Tank

At the forefront of the Auxilia's part in the Great Crusade, it is easy to see why this particular tank was the "go to" tank of choice for invading hostile territory. In essence, it is a gun tank. With lots and lots of guns.

Stormhammer cannon, dual battlecannon, coaxial multi-laser, six multi-laser sponsons (yes: SIX!) and just for fun a lascannon to the front as well. This tank can shoot most others off the board for breakfast and still have enough firepower left over to challenge a terminator squad to survive.

As with other tanks on the same chassis, the AV=12 rear armour is a worry and positioning needs attention to remedy or mitigate this issue. Its also pricey in terms of the points cost, but that is justified given the sheer firepower the tank has.

Stormhammer, armoured ceramite (580 points) 
Lots of firepower, with extra durability against melta guns!

Stormhammer, armoured ceramite, targeters (600 points)
The targeters really improve the odds of all of those multi-lasers hitting their targets and is well worth it on this type of tank

Stormhammer, armoured ceramite, six lascannon sponsons, targeters (660 points)
Add hunter killer missiles, or a command tank upgrade to taste, and its good to rock and roll with the best of them. The points cost here is getting rather steep though.

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