Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seventh Serpent no longer available / Are you Alpharius?

I just noticed that the "Seventh Serpent" short novella is no longer available from the Black Library (the web page it should be on returns a 404 not found code).

Sedition's Gate is similarly gone. Clearly, they've both sold out.

However, what is still there is the quiz as to whether you are Omegon or Alpharius:

I like the outcomes very much.

For Omegon:
"Even more elusive and mysterious than your brothers, you are the dark secret of the Alpha Legion. You answer to no-one and pursue your own unknowable goals: woe betide any who stand in your way."

And for Alpharius:
"You would make a fine recruit for the Alpha Legion. Intelligent and ruthless in equal measure, as comfortable with a battle of wits as a close quarters melee or deadly firefight. Your loyalty to your Legion is unbreakable, no matter what course it is set upon."

Both very similar in some ways, but both very distinct and different. And the choices to get to them both are similarly entertaining!

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