Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron

With up to three of these in a squadron, they can really add rapid and ranged pressure to enemies of all kinds. Clearly they're well suited to legions such as White Scars, but most legions can make great use of them in the right circumstances - assuming that they're not already using up the pressured Fast Attack choices!

Here are a few build ideas:

3 Javelin Attack Speeders, each with a hunter-killer missile (240 points)
Surprisingly versatile with the combination of krak, frag and hunter-killer missiles, as well as heavy bolters, the tactica here would be to either hide them and race up to slay enemies, or deep-strike them / outflank them and get them in to position right away. Note that with the low AV and HP, they won't last too long to sustained fire, but with smart positioning they can be a game winner (particularly for last turn objective grabbing when required!).

3 Javelin Attack Speeders, each with multi-melta (255 points)
Deep strike in to position and evaporate heavy armour with the multi meltas. Not very subtle, but rather effective. (assuming a lack of armoured ceramite). A single one of these at 85 points is also a viable option.

3 Javelin Attack Speeders, each with twin-linked lascannons and searchlights (258 points)
An interesting option for the back field: a unit that is able to rapidly redeploy and tank hunt (with the searchlights to help out in dark conditions).

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