Saturday, November 15, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod

The Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod does exactly what one might expect it to. It delivers a single dreadnought - either a regular dreadnought, or a contemptor (including regular mortis or contemptor mortis patterns of course) - to where they are needed on the battlefield.

More than that, the drop pod has the assault vehicle special rule meaning they can assault right out of disembarkation. But this does not apply to the turn that it drops in to play.

Much like the regular drop pod, it can also drop pod assault, and has inertial guidance systems. Perhaps the biggest new rule here is the burning retros rule which can provide shroud on the turn it arrives.

The points cost is more than a regular drop pod to compensate for its larger nature. But that's fine. As I think the dreadnought drop pod can do more than simply deliver your cargo to where it is needed. This drop pod is very capable of denying lines of sight, providing shroud to anything drawing a line of sight through it, and of forming choke points on the battlefield to exploit and / or box in your opponent with. I think several of these, combined with an orbital assault rite of war from a legion praetor will give you the opportunity to play out a "box in" tactica against vehicle heavy opponents. This would make for a particularly interesting game in my opinion.

I have no build suggestions for this entry, since there are no upgrade options. 

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