Thursday, November 13, 2014

Alpha Legion Mk.II Shoulder Pads Unboxing

If it wasn't obvious before, then this post will make it obvious: I'm building an Alpha Legion army as my new force. The army will be a 30k force in the main part, but many squads will also (ultimately) also be viable for 40k as well.  I'm aiming for both true scale, as well as "no model left unconverted" throughout the entire army. I'll worry about painting and colour schemes later.

In the image is the unboxing of Mk.II shoulder pads for the Alpha Legion purchased from Forge World. I really like the design of these shoulder pads: they combine together elements from chaos space marine should pads (the edging in particular) with a three dimensional, raised legion symbol. They come in packs of 10, and I've removed one of the set of 5 from the clam pack in the image below. The resin is reasonable, but thin in some places (nothing I can't cope with). Cutting it from the sprue will need a bit of care as the resin can be brittle if clipped too close to the edges of the shoulder pad. Hence I'm going to clip away from the edge of the pad, and then get closer (plus file it down) when its off the sprue. My only complaint: Forge World doesn't yet produce the classic "A" symbol for the Alpha Legion -- I'd love a few of these in addition to the hydra icon. 

Some of the models built, or in progress for this army can be seen in these previous posts under the "unbroken chain" tag. There will be more updates on this project as time progresses.

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Greg Hess said...

Slow and steady build up to awesome!

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