Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dynamic Squad Sergeant Conversion

Continuing building my new space marine army, today I wanted to display a squad sergeant work in progress. To re-iterate: this army will be following the maxim of "no model left unconverted" whilst having dynamism built in to it where I am able. An earlier example of another marine that follows this trend was my "gun kata" model. Both that model and the sergeant displayed here will eventually receive some true scale legs that I've been working on in parallel to these dynamic torsos. 

This model is built out of an Anvil Industry torso as its basis. This is because I wanted this sergeant to have artificer armour, and I think the torsos from Anvil Industry suits this role exceptionally well. 

The left arm is a power fist from the Dark Angels terminators range. I selected this power fist as I liked the pose -- i.e. the clenched fist, and the angle it made at the elbow -- meaning less conversion work ultimately. That said, I have spent some time scrubbing the Dark Angels iconography off of the fist itself as it would not be appropriate for this particular army. The shoulder of the arm is sliced off and connected to a standard space marine shoulder so that I can apply a regular shoulder pad at a later date (as opposed to a terminator shoulder pad). The entire arm is angled out to the torso such that it is almost parallel to the ground. The idea here is that the marine is in mid-swing of the fist, bringing it up from a lower angle and hooking across his body. 

The right arm is a bolt pistol conversion. The bolt pistol has been completely sliced off from the hand and replaced with a space marine devastator melta bomb. To do this, the melta bomb needed its handle shaved off so that it sat flush with the hand, pictured below. 

The final touches were to add a grey knights back pack (the teleporting one!) along with a head. The head is actually a chaos space marines one, but with the top knot removed and filed down flat to a shaved scalp.

Although there is some work remaining (addition of the left shoulder pad, and some green stuff required for the arm pit), this is essentially done and awaiting connection to some true scale legs. Another very dynamic space marine for the new army!

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