Friday, November 21, 2014

Gun-Kata: Finalized Meltagun Marine

Wielding a melta gun and a bolt pistol, this space marine is a dynamic example of the "gun kata" meme that I'm trying to capture in my evolving Alpha Legion army that is coming together.

The marine features the arms set apart at 90 degrees as described in the original Gun Kata article. In addition to this, greenstuff has been added in to the arm pit region to emulate piping on the armour. The torso part has then been glued on to a pair of true scale legs that I prepared separately. As can be seen, the legs have been extended by the addition of greenstuff at the lower part of the thighs following extension through pinning. 

The marine features a plethora of different parts sourced from diverse plastic boxed sets, including chaos space marines (torso, melta gun, arms, bolt pistol), space marines (legs, head, shoulder pads), and grey knights (back pack). He will eventually form a part of a tactical support squad that are armed with melta guns. 

I'll leave the impending question of the back pack unanswered for now!


Greg Hess said...

The resulting pose of this fellow is really awesome. Basically see him just firing at multiple targets, shouting things filled with zeal and hatred.

Now you just have to work on 20 more? lol

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Greg! But maybe not 20 for this particular squad….! I'll leave that for the bolter wielding marines.....

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