Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Deathstorm Drop Pod

This is a drop pod that delivers weaponry to where its needed rather than legionaries.

Although it is a heavy support option, it can be a fast attack option if the Orbital Assault rite of war is also selected. This gives a bit of extra flexibility - especially if we wanted multiple such pods.

Additionally, having just one of these pods might also be an entertaining idea: deep-strike in and use the pod as an "area denial" unit to hem in enemies and slow / prevent their advance through choke points and the centre of the field. With AV12 all around and 3HP, its more survivable than a rhino for this purpose.

There are only 2 builds: one with frag missiles (90 points) and one with heavy 2 / krak missiles (120 points). Both are eminently viable, but the choice between them depends entirely on where you want your pod to come in, whether you already have such weapons in your army, and what the enemy is fielding.

Ten krak missiles per turn at different targets is very impressive and worth the 120 points in my opinion. It certainly can put squads like heavy support infantry to shame. And the 5 frag missiles have pinning in their blast radius.

Overall, a very strong contender for a heavy support slot in my opinion, especially for those armies that usually might not make too much use of heavy tanks due to their rapid deployment nature (e.g., Raven Guard). 

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