Monday, July 28, 2014

Space Marine Prices and Exchange Rates

It's been a while since I made the claim that it'd be cheaper for Australians to collect Forge World miniatures from the UK rather than pay local prices for space marines. Today, I wanted to return to this theme by computing the price of a boxed set of regular space marines in a variety of currencies converted to British Pounds Sterling using data from the BBC (where else?! hehe) to see where we all stand.

So, firstly the UK. A boxed set of space marines (a full tactical squad) is currently priced at GBP25.

Next: Australia. The same tactical squad costs AUD65. At current exchange rates, this is GBP36.

Canada: 50 CAD, which is GBP27.2.

Denmark: DKK250, which is GBP26.5

Europe: 35 Euros, which is GBP27.7

Japan: JPY5700, which is GBP32.95.

New Zealand: NZD75, which is GBP37.74

Norway: NOK280, which is GBP26.5

Sweden: SEK300, which is GBP25.85

USA: USD40, which is GBP23.55.

So: congratulations to my American friends for having the cheapest space marine armies in the world! You're only cheaper than the United Kingdom -- which surprised. Looking very poorly though are the New Zealand and Australia prices, closely followed by Japan. Remember that Forge World is GBP46 for a tactical squad and you can see that they're not so far away from those prices still.


Phil Millar said...

Prices aren't based on straight exchange rates, but instead take local markets into account, Australia, with its higher average salary, gets higher prices.

Phil Millar said...

And it looks like you haven't taken sales tax (which is always added at the point of sale rather than on the advertised price in the US)

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

Chinese Forge World is even cheaper than normal FW...

jabberjabber said...

I agree with you about point of sales tax -- this is certainly not the norm in the UK or Australia. And yes, different local conditions do lead to different financial implications.

However, having lived in both Au and the UK, I can vouch for how much the Au price is in comparison to potential spending money (cf. dvd/music prices in the UK vs EU and the concept to "rip off Britain").

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