Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron

At a basic level, they're jet bikes and they have heavy bolters. Unlike the Legion Attack Bike Squadron, they are unable to take a special heavy weapon on every jet bike, hence some amount of thought needs to be put in to how they should be best utilised.

I can think of several modes of operation, ranging from large squads built for blasting stuff, through to Praetor accompanying squad or just a plain suicide squad.  Let's have a look at a few builds at points costs:

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 10 members, 3 multi-meltas, melta bombs, Sky Hunter Sergeant with power fist (490 points)
The full deal, for accompanying a praetor around.

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 9 members, 3 volkite culvarins (375 points)
The volkite culvarins are interesting given their large range and decent strength coupled with a high rate a fire. Certainly worth it in a unit like this that is able to deploy to the right position rapidly. Late game, swoop on an objective. Swap out the culvarins for plasma cannons may also be worthwhile, but it depends on how many marines you think you're going to take out.

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 3 members, melta bombs, 1 plasma cannon (165 points)
With only one special heavy weapon slot available, the minimum sized squad seems a good place for a solitary plasma cannon (just in the same way a dreadnought with such a plasma cannon can be a pain!). The melta bombs are for defensive purposes and opportunities. Swap out the plasma cannon for a multi melta to turn in to a full melta suicide style squadron. (But others can do this better to be honest, so stick with the plasma cannon or volkite for a small squad).


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What's a good counter to these using imperial fists?

jabberjabber said...

Given this is 30k, there's many ways to counter any given threat. I would always advocate playing threats of your own. A unit of your own jet bikes is therefore not a bad thought.
But otherwise, I would be tempted by Kheres-armed contemptor dreadnoughts; vindicators (assuming they hit and don't scatter and you can force enough wounds to make them fail a morale test -- they will flee surprisingly quickly off the board); a storm eagle can force plenty of wounds every turn and is something that the Imperial Fists could readily make use of; and top of the list would probably be Sicarans for their high rate of fire and denial of jink saves plus rending -- these tanks are simply hard to beat for the role you want them for.
Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

You've given me some great ideas, cheers!

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