Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Attack Bike Squadron

As standard, the legion attack bike is fielded with a heavy bolter, and are described as "frequently two man" bikes.

I personally see their place as a complement to the Legion Outrider Squad, particularly for legions such as the White Scars, and Dark Angels. They can certainly be useful as tips of the spear to harass enemy legions whilst the heavier artillery rumbles in to position as well. In particular, the ability to take melta bombs for the entire squad gives them a wide threat range.

Here's a few builds to consider.

Legion Attack Bike Squadron with 5 members, all armed with multi-meltas and melta bombs (275 points)
Almost better than an assault squad to be honest, given the increase in toughness and two wounds each. There's little not to like about this build, apart from Ld=8.

Legion Attack Bike Squadron with 2 members, both armed with Multi-meltas and melta bombs (110 points)
A melta-cide squad version of the above. Several of these squads might be giving away free victory points in a kill points style game, but they're going to claw back their points I'd reckon.

Legion Attack Bike Squadron with 5 members, all armed with auto cannons (225 points)
Maneouvre in to position and crank out the shots at the selected target. Nice, easy and fun to play with.

Legion Attack Bike Squadron with 3 members (120 points)
A "bait" squad armed with the standard heavy bolters. Purely to use as a bait and to harass the enemy with.

You'll notice I didn't select any squads with heavy flamers. Although they're viable, I prefer them on units with scout, and hence would mainly be tempted to use them if the legion in question had some kind of special buff to such weapons (Death Guard). Doubly so if the enemy is only going to be opposing 30k era forces. 

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