Thursday, July 10, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Seeker Squad

Starting off the fast attack section of the 30k army list is the seeker squad. In truth, there's little "fast" about them being in the fast attack slot. But that does not diminish their utility.

At a basic level, they are a standard squad who are able to take special ammunition for their bolt guns (i.e. Kraken, Scorpius and Tempest). Further, they get to select a unit in the opposition's army and gain preferred enemy against them. And thats about it, apart from the upgrades that they can take. Hence to be truly "fast" attack, they really could do with an appropriate transport (rhino for the main part, unless a drop pod is available due to rites of war).

Here are a few builds to think about.

Legion seeker squad with 10 members, all with combi-plasma guns (350 points)
Plasma death squad! Perfect for those pesky power armoured foes. Doubly so with a rhino and preferred enemy.

Legion seeker squad with 10 members, sergeant with power fist and artificer armour (275 points)
A basic set-up that is effective and fit for purpose. Add a rhino to taste.

Legion seeker squad with 5 members, 2 with combi-meltas, sergeant with power fist, melta bombs and artificer armour (225 points)
A multi-purpose but small squad. It provides a threat against their preferred enemy and anything else that might get close. Its a bit pricey though.


Medivo said...

In the faq, seeker squads gain precsision shots and become scoring due to the implacable advance rule, for no extra points cost.

Adding more utility to an already solid unit.

Revan88 said...

And now, in HH 1st Edition, Scorpion Rounds are now 24" S5 AP2(!) Heavy 1.
Don't give them combi-weapons. It's not worth the cost.

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