Friday, July 11, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Outrider Squad

They're bikes under a different name to cut a long story short.

But that said, they are kind of pricey points-wise. For example, additional marines in this squad are only 5 points cheaper than jet bike additions. That said, they gain scouts and certainly are quick. Matched with the Sons of Horus special rule - merciless fighters - they can inflict some serious damage in melee.

There are quite a number of options that the outriders can take, ranging from extra squad members, special weapons and sergeant upgrades. Here are a few sample builds to ponder.

Legion Outrider Squad with 3 members, twin-linked melta guns (165 points)
A small, inelegant squad whose purpose should be obvious: ride up to enemy armour and tanks to turn them in to slag and dross. Take melta bombs for additional duty.

Legion Outrider Squad with 8 members, all with melta bombs (280 points)
Along the same theme: ride up to your target and plant melta bombs. This might work well for a World Eaters Legion army list perhaps?

Legion Outrider Squad with 9 members, 3 with power weapons, 1 sergeant with power fist (330 points)
A close combat style of outrider squad. This is the kind of set up that I'd think about utilising with Sons of Horus (or other close combat orientated legion). Its kind of pricey, but will certainly work well enough. Select power lances or power swords to taste. Add melta bombs if required.

Legion Outrider Squad with 5 members, all with twin-linked plasma guns, sergeant with power fist and melta bombs (310 points)
Again, note the high price tag. But then realise the potential of what can be done here: a wide threat range against most infantry squads (even the potential to torrent down a character) and take on whatever is required. This kind of squad could be the core of your tactics, but its death will cost you.

Legion Outrider Squad with 3 members, all with twin-linked flamers and melta bombs (150 points)
This is for one of two styles of play: objective denial / grabbing style, or getting enemies out of cover style of play. The flamers can be counter-charge weapons and the melta bombs add to their abilities. Could be nice as a Salamanders unit?


Unknown said...

I am curious why you are positively inclined with the flamer / melta bomb build but dismiss the Attack Bike with Heavy Flamers. For 135 points (15 points cheaper than your last option) you can get 3 attack bikes with Heavy Flamers and Melta Bombs. You lose the twin-linked and scout but you gain Heavy flamers and 3 WOUNDS!

jabberjabber said...

I don't deny that it can be great! But my personal preference is to have them in combination with scouts - just a simple preference on my part.

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