Thursday, June 12, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Tactical Support Squad

These units are troops choices, but cannot be used to fulfil compulsory choices in the force organisation chart. But you don't care about that too much in 7th edition now do you? hehe ;)

They automatically forgo their bolt guns in favour of flamers. But their flamers can be swapped for other specialist weapons. All members of the squad must swap for the same though.

The last interesting snippet about this squad is that they can be purchased starting at 5 members only (but can go as high as 10 members). The only negative is that they cannot take legion vexillas or nuncio voxes.

Here's a few ideas for builds.

Legion Tactical Support Squad, 5 members, 5 melta guns, sergeant with power fist, melta bombs and artificer armour (205 points)
Take a rhino (or drop pod if available) and go tank hunting. Simple.  Add in 4 extra members and team up with a HQ tank killer choice for extra whammy.

Legion Tactical Support Squad, 10 members, 10 volkite calivers (225 points)
If you want to use volkite weaponry (and there is a big IF there: there are certainly two schools of thought about them), then you should go big or go home. This is the going big option.

Legion Tactical Support Squad, 9 members, 9 plasma guns, sergeant with power fist, melta bombs and artificer armour (325 points)
Team up with an apothecary, place in a rhino and enjoy raining plasma death on your enemy (and no doubt yourself when you rapid fire the plasma guns). Fun!


Zuul said...

The tactical support squad can only go up to 10 members. The 20 man blobs are restricted to the compulsory troops.

jabberjabber said...

Good spotting - changes made!

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