Monday, June 16, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Drop Pod

There are no build suggestions that I can share for this unit, as there are no options to pick between. But, let me state from the outset here that players familiar with Warhammer 40k Space Marines codex will have no trouble comprehending what the 30k version is all about. They're pretty much identical.

The interesting facet about only having one drop pod and having it come down in turn one won't work in 30k though. That's because in order to take a drop pod, regular units must have access to the correct rite of war bought through a legion praetor.

The good news is that a death wind pod is a distinct entry in the heavy support section, so this tactic can still work, but just not with a squad of marines or a dreadnought. Hence the legion drop pod is going to be very much limited to drop pod armies. This is a bit of a shame in some ways, but also makes for a very fluffy background for armies built as such.

As always, the drop pod is for getting your troops or weapons where you need them. The inertial guidance systems help them not be lost if they land on impassable terrain. And for reasons that have always bothered me, the chaos space marine factions in 40k do not have access to them (despite the World Eaters apparent love of them). Clearly they're too busy to collect them back up off the battle field or enslave a forge world to make more of them for themselves.

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