Sunday, June 15, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier

The ubiquitous rhino is familiar to all space marine 40k players, and their enemies alike. Indeed, so frequently used are these tanks, that a review hardly seems worthwhile. But for the sake of completeness (and I will be covering EVERYTHING in the Horus Heresy books eventually), the rhino gets its time in the limelight today.

Its worth noting here that under some rites of war (e.g., armoured spearhead) rhino's and/or other transports must be purchased for all infantry squads. So they're going to see plenty of use in 30k. In addition, they also get the self repair rule, just as in 40k. So don't forget to use it if immobile and without weapons.

The options for rhinos are not particularly broad. But here are a few ideas for builds.

Legion Rhino with havoc launcher (50 points).
This has to be my favourite (and preferred) set up. The havoc launcher is an excellent weapon to mount on rhinos and can provide a sweet application of extra pressure that catches opponents off guard. I use it all the time in my chaos armies.

Legion rhino with auxiliary drive, extra armour, dozer blade (60 points).
For when you absolutely must get your troops from point A to point B. Its not guaranteed by any means. So you're going to probably want and need to take plenty of them.

Legion rhino with hunter-killer missile, combi-melta (55 points).
Just for fun (but it also works!). Turn 1: fire your hunter killer missile. In the successive turns, get up close and personal with another tank and melta it (hopefully your troops on board also have some meltas to back it up). And from therein, if the rhino survives, think about camping on objectives and/or ramming opponents!

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