Friday, June 27, 2014

Space Marine Statue Terrain Piece

The Space Marine statue is a nice terrain piece, providing some limited line of sight blocking and a good way to bring a small amount of variation and vibrancy to tabletop terrain for Warhammer 40,000.

Having assembled this statue, I'm now trying to think up concepts about how to paint it up. I've seen many, many different approaches to this terrain piece, ranging from metallics, through to marble tones, and ones overgrown with vines and trees. And I guess that that is where I'm having trouble in choosing the manner in which to paint this one up. I want something that is a little out of the ordinary (perhaps even going as far to have a pre-heresy style statue?) and something that makes the terrain piece stand out as unique against the background and against what others have painted theirs in.

Opinions welcome!

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Greg Hess said...

This will probably be the least popular of the opinions...but here it goes!

For the longest time, we were under the impression that the greeks and romans were minimalistic in their approach to statues. Plain white marble show casing the sculpt, with little or no embellishments.

But this couldn't be further from the truth. The statues and facades were painted in extremely ostentatious colors, bright and vibrant. Anything but quiet and reflective.

Thus I'd imagine that the marine statues were originally painted vibrantly, in perfect representation of their chapters colors, to the anyone viewing the statue would instantly know which chapter/legion it represented.

Do this, then weather the statue down appropriately based on the time period you want it in. Leaving just hints of that original paint if you choose.

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