Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Flesh Hounds

We turn to the first of an expanded fast attack section of the Chaos Daemons codex.  Flesh hounds are one of the units in the new codex that retain their attraction -- albeit, a different attraction to the older codex.  Firstly, they have a space marine-like stat line.  But moreover: two wounds each.  But the key attraction is surely their price tag.  They are very points cost effective for what they give.  Two wounds each and a space marine stat line.  Its a winner really.  Even if their armour save is 6+/5++.

On the battlefield, they could fulfil several distinct roles.  As an escort, they could readily take Karanak or a Khorne herald to the front lines.  On their own, use the scouts rule to get rapidly in to position and get stuck in to a heavy support (infantry) squad.  Use their wounds to soak up firepower and tar pit critical enemy units.  Use them to buy time for other elements of the daemons army to get in position.  Surround an enemy psyker and give them a jolt when you tell them what a collar of Khorne does.

Ideally, they don't want to be left on their own though.  They're probably not quite buff enough on their own to tar pit forever -- leave that to plaguebearers and plaguemarines.  They'll probably need support eventually.

Two build to consider for you:
8 flesh hounds of Khorne (128 points)
Small enough to deep strike accurately, sleek enough to cause head aches.

16 flesh hounds of Khorne (256 points)
Start them on the board with a herald or Karanak (or both?!) and move up the board as a significant fire magnet and threat.  They will die, no doubt, but remember even their blood is welcome...

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