Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do Primarchs have 2 Hearts?

Here's a question for you all.

The sons of the primarchs have 2 hearts (and all those other implants associated with becoming space marines).  But -- do the primarchs themselves has those very same implants?  Given how they matured to adulthood on wildly distant planets away from Terra, were they retro-fitted with such implants?  Or have they never received them?  In the background, the implants must all be implanted during the years of maturation - clearly missed by the primarchs.  But yet, surely they must have the black carapace, otherwise their power armour would not function correctly?

Ah well!  Love to hear your thoughts on that conundrum!


wolvesofruss said...

Yes I would say they have all the implants, as they were 100% lab created. The Space Marines take normal (above average) humans and make pale comparison of there Fathers.

PunchyMango said...

There's some reference in the story of Russ and Lion El'Johnson's duel after the Heresy to them having two hearts, so yeah.

jabberjabber said...

Yeah, I was reading Angel Exterminatus recently and got the impression that they had one heart ... I'll have to try to re-read it and find where it was in that book(!)

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