Monday, May 20, 2013

Of HH Weekends

There are now many websites discussing the Horus Heresy Weekender.  My own take on it is one of excitement! I'm particularly pleased to see the new legions that are going to be described in the forthcoming editions of the codex-like books.  The splitting of Isstvaan 5 in to two parts is slightly annoying, but only in the sense that I have to wait 6 months from book 2 to 3 and learn more of the Alpha Legion et al.

The pictures of Fulgrim look fantastic as well. The keening edge of his blade and the dynamic modelling looks awesome.  Can't wait to see how they model Ferrus Manus as the counterpart of the duel.  But that leads me to another thought: Horus himself has not yet been released.  Nor Mortarion.  It strikes me that Forgeworld is a little bit behind where I'd ideally like to see them.  Especially now that miniatures such as Vulcan must be forthcoming.

Of other legions such as the White Scars, there is little to go on.  Looks like they'll be one of the last legions simply because they didn't play a large role in the Heresy until the siege of Terra itself (wherein they were critical).  But its nice to see that the daemons will be getting some attention - alongside the Blood Angels.  Presumably re-enacting the Cathedral of the Mark scenario.  I hope its not just Khorne and Slaanesh that get the attention though.  It'd be good to see the others in there as well.

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