Thursday, September 20, 2012

Battle Summary: Daemons vs. Space Marines (1500 points)

Another League Match, this time against what I expected to be a strong Space Marines contingent.

Space Marines List:
Sevrin Loth (IA9)

Full Tactical Squad, flamer, lascannon
Full Tactical Squad, multi-melta, melta, rhino transport
5 scouts, sniper rifles, camo cloaks, missle launcher
5 sternguard veterans, 1 power fist, 2 combi-meltas, 3 combi-plasmas, drop pod
5 Terminator assault marines
Stormtalon gunship, twin-linked assault cannon, twin-linked lascannon
5 devastators, 3 missile launchers, 1 plasma cannon

Daemons Army List:
Herald of Tzeentch, chariot, bolt of Tzeentch, breath of chaos, master of sorcery, we are legion
Herald of Tzeentch, chariot, bolt of Tzeentch, breath of chaos, master of sorcery, we are legion

Herald of Khorne, juggernaught
Flamers of Tzeentch x 3
Bloodcrushers x 3
Pink Horrors x 9, icon, bolt of Tzeentch, the Changeling
Daemonettes x 12
Plaguebearers x 7, instrument of chaos
Screamers x 5
Daemon prince, iron hide, wings
Soul Grinder, Mawcannon Phlegm

Scenario and set-up:
Mission = The Relic (mission number 6 from the 6th ed rulebook), with hammer and anvil deployment (short table edges). 

My warlord trait is rolled as "Night Attacker" which means I can elect to start the game with night fighting in effect.  Which I do!

Early Turns.
My opponent sets up on the short edge that I've chosen for him.  The terrain is a mixture of ruins, open ground and area terrain.  Deepstriking in to all this will be risky and my opponent is forcing me to go first so that he ensures he has an extra turn of shooting at me!  Sevrin is deployed with the terminators which I find curious, but don't question.  The squad in the open looks like a prime target for some of my breath of chaos guys (heralds and flamers) whilst I think I'm just going to have to tangle those terminators up for a few turns to be honest.  The scouts scuttle in to some scenery to begin the game to gain a cover save.

In my first turn, my preferred wave comes on and I suffer a deepstrike mishap with the daemonettes -- they get repositioned in the far corner of the board and will play no further part in the game (other than getting shot up in the last turn by the stormtalon...) as they try to slog to the centre.  Most of my deepstrikes scatter and I take two dangerous terrain checks, but no wounds are caused.  My opening volley sees off most of the scouts by the flamers (so much for cover saves!) and one terminator from my pink horrors.  They hold the centre of the board and capture the relic.  I'm going to back them slowly away during the game!

The first of my Tzeentch heralds sees to the tactical squad on the flank with breath of chaos and some gazing.  The take a wound or two off him in exchange from rapid fire.  The drop pod with the sternguard join the party and take more wounds off.

The terminators charge in to the bloodcrushers (just in front of the pink horrors) and both sides take a few wounds.  The devastators meanwhile are holed up in a fortification and cannot see much due to night fighting (phew).

Middle Turns.
The game gets interesting during turns 3 and 4.  A squad of marines disembarks from their rhino to try to shoot down my flamers.  But the Changeling is in range and by some miracle takes over their shooting!  I've not had the Changeling's ability work for me in a long, LONG while -- to see it go off at such a critical juncture changes the momentum of the game for me I think.  The marines shoot at other marines (and not me!) and my flamers follow up by consuming the entire squad in Tzeentch's fire.

Still locked in the centre of the board, my bloodcrushers are taking punishment: the herald of Khorne is gone back to the warp, but not before a few terminators are also contributing to the skull throne.  Sevrin has a wound from perils of the warp, but everything is still even and locked up.  My pink horrors retreat further with the Relic, shooting as they travel.

With more of my reinforcements on the board, I head quickly for the fire support.  The whirlwind has already destroyed 5/6ths of my pink horrors and it needs to explode quickly.  So, I set my screamers to the task.  A handy explosion results as can be seen from the just-after-charging image below.

Late Turns.
The extra herald makes an appearance and combined with the first one sees off the sternguard and the remains of the tactical squad.  The flamers take care of the devastators.  Meanwhile, the plaguebearers join the bloodcrushers to completely tarpit the remaining terminators.  Several poisoned weapon attacks later, Sevrin is dead and the terminators are wiped out.  Only the stormtalon remains on the board and it has already had one weapon destroyed result.  At this point, my opponent concedes as my soul grinder finally puts in an appearance after being repeatedly deepstike mishapped.  A full victory to the forces of chaos, and perhaps a little unexpectedly.  The daemon of the game for me is the Changeling for finally doing what I pay the points for him to do (it doesn't happen often!).  But Sevrin was really scary.  A regular 2+ invulnerable save coupled with a ridiculous number of powers (think: assault terminators with feel no pain) meant that I almost wished I'd had taken boon of chaos instead of breath, or bolt of Tzeentch on one of my heralds.  I think I got lucky this time.

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Sounds like a rivetting game :)

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