Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Note to Self: Deny The Witch

Dear Jabberjabber,

In 6th edition, all models may attempt a Deny the Witch saving throw against hostile psychic powers and sorcery.

Please remember that you're not playing 5th anymore and don't need a psychic hood, or anything similar, to attempt Deny the Witch.  Sure, its not likely to succeed most of the time, but you might as well roll the attempt and see what happens. :-)

Oh -- and don't forget the bonus if you have a Witch of your own that is superior in Mastery Level to the incoming hostile psychic power caster.

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Menzies Tank said...

The 6+ DTW save is pretty sweet. Do NOT forget to use it where possible, e.g. psychic shooting attacks, cheesy powers such as Zogwort's instant Squigging, etc.

However there have been quite a few (sometimes broken) exceptions on whether or not it can be used on all Psychic occassions, as RAW you can only Deny the Witch when said unit is 'targetted' by a power.

Powers such as Blessings (e.g. Grey Knights Hammerhands) only affects the unit casting it, so say if a unit of Strike Squad is in combat with you, you can't attempt to Deny it, which is fair enough.

You get powers such as the Space Marines 'Null Zone', which generates an area effect forcing enemies to re-roll successful invulnerable saves, but yet RAW it doesn't 'target' any enemies, even though it affects them.

Lastly you get powers such as Beam weapons and template powers (e.g. Wind of Chaos, and the GK Warp Rift) which has to be targetted at a unit to 'shoot' the template, but what happens if you overlap the template or beam range over another unit which you never targetted in the first place, but would be affected by the power's description. Do they get a Deny the Witch save? RAW they wouldn't as they're not targetted.

Likewise with a power which casts a Blast or Large Blast template over an enemy. What if it scatters onto a different unit? Do they get a Deny the Witch save as they weren't 'targetted', RAW they don't?

GW have to FAQ this up I'm afraid. :)

jabberjabber said...

Excellent points as always Menzies Tank.
A FAQ would certainly help to clarify the issues you've highlights.

jabberjabber said...

Looks like this one got FAQ'ed already!

Only the first unit gets to make the save.

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