Monday, September 3, 2012

Hellbrute Thoughts

When I first saw the initial glimpses of the Hellbrute that were leaked on to the web, the excitement was almost tangible and manifest.  Having now seen the hellbruet rules, I'm struck by several thoughts.

Firstly, to state the obvious: the hellbrute is little more than a dreadnought with a multimelta and a powerfist (or perhaps dreadnought close combat weapon) inside the game.  I realize that the new chaos codex is not yet out, but I was personally hoping for a little more.  Some rage?  Some "crazy" rules?  Some warpage of space and time in the vicinity of the hellbrute?  There is little to differentiate the hellbrute from a regular dreadnought except for the name.

Secondly, the sculpt itself is fantastic: but only from the front. The rear of the hellbrute is ... well ... somewhat plain to be honest. In comparison to the forgeworld Nurgle dreadnought that I own, there are lots of little details on the rear: ranging from little sores and pustules, to larger cracks and amorphous looking indents. I know that the piping at the rear is meant to be there, I was just hoping for something a little more chaotic on the reverse, that's all.

Looking forward, I trust that the new chaos codex is going to include some neat rules for the hellbrute.  I'm aware of the marks that this thing can get -- the Nurgle one inparticular is appealing (i.e. self-regeneration / repair), but I imagine that the points cost will be steep for it.


Anton said...

Completely agree about the "ass" of the model it feels like it was an after thought,

John Lambshead said...

I have a couple of Nurgle dreadnoughts. I agree. this is disappointing.

jabberjabber said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who thought this!

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