Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wayland Games: Recent Announcement

Many months ago, Wayland Games published a response to Games Workshop's imposition of "Rest of World" export policy.  To sumarize, they said over time that they were considering ways of legally circumventing it.  A few days ago, I caught this announcement on their facebook page (emphasis on the last few words):

"10 days to go until Live Stock Levels on the store... The busy bees in the warehouse are working flat out preparing, almost everything is ready now. It has been said already but will say again we will close the store for a few hours on the 8th to make the transition. The way we process orders will change with the migration, once its bedded in we are all steam ahead with some other often asked for projects."

Could this mean they're readying to export GW merchandise outside of Europe, but for European (British) prices?

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