Saturday, September 8, 2012

FAQ Digest

Given the recent release of the plethora of FAQs, I thought I would take a bit of time to digest what it means.  My assorted thoughts are below, and I focus on the chaos codices unapologetically.

Core Rules.
* The "look out sir" rules got clarified, and as some folks put it, nerfed.  The crazy multi-character mobs of Nobz and the like can no longer pull their tricks.  The closest model is now the guy that tries to save the character's life and there's only going to be one character per squad as I see it.  The phrase "or unsaved wounds" has left the building.

* An interesting gem is that "very bulky" is added to bikes and jetbikes.  That means that they take up 3  spaces in a vehicle.  I can't recall the last time I loaded up a vehicle with bikes and jetbikes .... makes me wonder what is coming down the road!

* A grounded swooping monstrous creature becomes gliding immediately.  As suspected!

* The problems with Deny the Witch and multiple targets that are hit from beams (etc.) is clarified: only the target -- the first unit in the line -- can make the save.

* Ageis defence lines can't be split in to smaller segments. (Darn!).  I think this one is a pity really.

* Modifiers to reserve rolls do not apply to units from allied detachments.  This one is bad, I think, as it means CSM + Daemons detachment won't *all* benefit from having a communications relay captured (e.g. with an Aegis defence line).

Daemons Codex.
* This one (and the analogue in Chaos Space Marines) intrigues me:
Q: If Chaos Daemons are allied to Chaos Space Marines, do they roll for scatter if Deep Striking within 6" of a Chaos Icon carried by a Chaos Space Marine model? (p73) A: If the wording on the Chaos Icon’s description refers to ‘all friendly units’, then yes. If not, then the Chaos Icon only affects the specific units referred to in its description.
This implication being that the next iteration of Chaos codices will be fully interactive.

Chaos Space Marines Codex.
* Daemon Princes with wings are Flying Monstrous Creatures.  As suspected!

* Daemon weapons are AP2.

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