Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wasp Campaign: Round 3 Prologue

As round three approaches, the campaign board has got tight: all of the available land space has been claimed by the various factions and many of the tiles have had upgrade built upon them.  The Blood Ravens are out in front in terms of the sheer amount of land that they've claimed, but have they over-expanded?  The spread thin rule means that they will be at a disadvantage compared to all of the other players.

In round three, the battles will be as follows:

(A) Black Templar (1275pt) vs. Crimson Fists (1225pt)
(B) Blood Ravens (1150pt) vs. Chaos Space Marines (1250pt)
(C) Orks (1200pt) vs. Dark Eldar (1175pt)

The uneven points reflect the spread thin rule, as well as the number of manufactoria held by each player. Interestingly, this round pitches both players without a loss (Blood Ravens and Chaos) against each other, and both players without a win (Black Templars and Crimson Fists) against each other.  But the one that I'm most interested in seeing the result of is the Orks vs the Dark Eldar -- that is going to be an interesting contest given how both of those armies have been operating.

Can the Blood Ravens resist the temptations of Chaos?
Are the Crimson Fists doing as good a job of defending the hive city as the Black Templars think they should?
Are the Ork boyz going to Waaaaarrrgh?  Do Dark Eldar like Ork souls less or more than others?  These and other questions may be settled in round 3....

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