Monday, May 14, 2012

Cratered Table Basecoat

Following a thorough texturing, I under coated my new cratered gaming table with an acrylic black paint mixed with hints of browns, purples and reds.  The reason for multiple colours was to create a greater volume of "black".  If you've ever conducted a chromatography test in high school chemistry, you'll be aware that the colour black is actually made up of copious amounts of other colours.  Hence adding these other colours to increase the volume of black available is a viable option if one is a little short of black paint!

For the base coat, I went with the original plan of something that is vaguely Martian looking.  Hence, using a mixture of red, brown and orange, I dabbed away at the board in large swipes and stippled (jabbed) along the none-textured region to avoid an obvious brush stroke showing up in the paint work.   I'm very happy with the appearance of the board so far, but I need at least to touch up some highlights on the board and add some fine detail before its finished off.

The interior of the craters has not yet been base coated.  The simple reason is that I'm uncertain what colour they should be.  Are they a lighter or darker tone than their surroundings?  I guess that it could be either given the (volcanic) history of the planet in question, but I wanted to do a bit more research before committing to a certain colour. 

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