Sunday, May 13, 2012

Genestealer with Feeder Tendrils

In common with other tyranid organisms, genestealers can exhibit a wide variety of adaptations and mutations.  In that regard, tyranids appeal to me as much as chaos does.  One of the more common adaptations are the feeder tendrils (as the old tyranid codex labelled them).  In the new tyranid codex, they do not serve any in-game purpose other than perhaps marking out Ymgral genestealers, but they can certainly add a degree of uniquness to a brood of genestealers that otherwise look similar.

The image is one of a batch of genestealers that I'm preparing to model and paint up for our continuing Wasp Campaign.  In that campaign, we're using *liberal* allies.  And since the old genestealer patriarch from rogue trader days sat on a throne with a chaos symbol on it, I thought "why not?". 

So, the only question remaining is what colour scheme should chaos-aligned tyranids be painted in?  What hive fleet might ally itself with a dark power? 

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