Sunday, May 20, 2012

Currency Conversion

Following on from showing that the cost of my Death Guard army has risen nearly seven per sent in some one and a half years, I thought it might be illuminating to also cost the same products in Australian Dollars.  I'll do this in two ways: simply converting directly using an exchange rate, and computing the cost if I'd purchased the same parts through Australia's arm of Games Workshop.

Firstly, let's have a look at the cost of the parts in AUD, bought directly from the outlets.  Of these items, the plague ogryn and the dreadnought are the only items not sold directly in AUD, so I'm forced to use an exchange rate for those (0.6 UKP to 1 AUD).

Daemon Prince -- a forge world plague ogryn (32 AUD) combined with dragon wings (17 AUD)

Dreadnought from Forge World -- 45 AUD (body), + 12.50 AUD (left arm), + 12.50 AUD (plasma cannon)

3 squads of 7 plague marines in rhinos. Assuming they're just basic chaos marines, that's 3 boxed sets (3 x 62 AUD) and 3 rhinos (3 x 55 AUD).

1 predator (83 AUD).

2 Vindicators (2 x 83 AUD).

That's a total of 719 AUD.

This compares with 290.65 UKP that I computed yesterday.  If I use an exchange rate of 0.6 UKP to every 1AUD, then this would amount to 484.4 AUD.  Only if the exchange rate were more like 2005 ish rates, (i.e. 0.4 UKP to every 1 AUD) then the prices would be about the same. So at present, I'm spending about 200 AUD more than I have to it seems here in Australia.  Food for thought!


Andrew said...

I'm feeling your pain here in NZ. GW's still pricing their stock at the old 3:1 exchange rate, where we've been closer to 2:1 for the last year or so. (NZ$93 for Skaven Jezzails is madness)

I understand why they wanted to restrict us from purchasing product directly from the UK, but they don't seem to understand why we were doing it in the first place. Madness.

Magiler said...

Other side of the world but same problems, with Euro falling to the mouth against USD/DBP... And then Brits trying to kick us in cojones by another prices increase...

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