Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dear Alpharius (vol.II)

Dear Alpharius,

In my earlier letter to you, I talked of the dichotomy of your schemes: of Corax, of subversion of whole worlds to Horus and more.

Now it would seem that this is being played out more fully: you are moving against thy self; you have a serpent within as well as without.  And perhaps other serpents yet hidden beneath.  Wheels within wheels to which you nor I know the full details of.  Hydra dominatus hydra: the centre conflicting with the core.  The Scars have been set moving.

That said, I seek to establish the connection between your good self and your other good self.  Do you know of each others minds?  Does the soul connection also connect thy minds, or are we divided against the whole?  Divided loyalties; secrets and lies.

Being the latter, I trust that the triple paradox found within the serpent within can be extrapolated.  For the first, is it that we must support the enemy to result in the final victory?  For the second, that we must simultaneously aim for the opposite?  Just in case?  In which case the third justifies the divide against the self?  Of us all?  Or perhaps there yet exists a "third way" we need to establish?  And divided is the sole way forward and onward.  Or truly we divide.

Your Loyal Servant,

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