Friday, May 25, 2012

Price Increases

Looks like GW are increasing their prices if the post from BoLS is to be believed.  Whilst an annual increase is not an issue for me personally, the steep rise of some of the prices is.  In particular, the percentage increases are above what might have been expected given the general state of the global economy coupled with "disposable" income. 

So, I'm saving up for the new chaos codex!  I feel the pain of the horde army players and painters out there.  Perhaps small elite forces are the way forward for me now.


Krisken said...

With 6th Edition and Chaos coming out this year (supposedly), my entire budget is going toward books it seems.

oni said...

Most of the 40K Xenos stuff didn't get touched. Anything Space Marines, loyal or not, got hammered (no pun intended).

Personally it's not a matter of affordability. It's more that I feel the value/relative worth of the kit(s) do not match the new pricing.

IMO Games Workshop has pushed the pricing boundaries too far this time. Hobbyists, myself included, are not willing to pay MSRP for these under valued kits and that's sad because it means we'll no longer buy from the local game store. I suspect that we'll see many of GW's hobby centers close because of this general consumer attitude as well.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Oni,
I think you may be right about local hobby centres. I hope not, personally, for the guys that work there.

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