Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winner of the March 2010 Army List Challenge

The voting has been a nail-biting affair for this month's army list challenge (and a lot more interesting than the Tasmanian and South Australian state elections that have been reported on TV here).

Much like Tasmania, it looked like we were heading for hung vote with SandWyrm and Cthoss on level pegging after a few days of voting. Then, sonsoftaurus came up from a low count to rival the other two. In the last few days, there were a small flurry of votes coming in for all of the competitors. But in the end, SandWyrm took the poll by a single vote (and with 33% of the total votes).

Congratulations to SandWrym -- another victory and glory for you! That makes it a clean sweep for the boys from the Back 40k for this year as well. Can they keep it up?

I hope you all enjoyed this month's challenge - there were some fantastic entries in there. There will be another Army List Challenge issued on the 1st of April.


TheGraveMind said...

Yes, a well earned congrats to Sandwyrm!

SandWyrm said...

Thanks, that was a nail-biter. :)

sonsoftaurus said...

Heh, congrats SandWyrm. Psyker action FTW!

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