Thursday, March 25, 2010

Captain Rull Mothantis, part 2: Model

This is the miniature that I'm going to use to depict Rull on the battlefield with. I'll show how the painting went in the final part of this series of four.

The bits used in this conversion were as follows:

Base = Back2base-ix resin forest base.
Legs = Chaos Space Marine standard. Left leg has been chopped off and reposition with some milliput.
Torso = Death Guard resin from Forge World.
Shoulder Pads = Death Guard resin from Forge World.
Left Arm = Possessed Chaos Space Marine. (Representing a mutated power fist).
Right Arm = Chaos Space Marine standard.
Wings = Possessed Chaos Space Marine.
Bolter = Chaos Space Marine standard.
Blight Grenade (held in the power fist) = Warhammer Fantasy Zombie boxed set.

Altogether, this is a more dynamic plague marines than I usually encounter or set out to build. I think that the positioning of the bits looks like he has just come in for a landing on top of a tree stump and is about to charge forward, bolter blazing and blight grenade / death head at the ready.


bsmoove said...

Beautiful. That is, by far, the most dynamically posed Plaguemarine that I've ever seen. Very, very cool.

Big Jim said...

Totally awesome! The pose is very epic.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks guys! I wanted to avoid the usual static pose of plague marines. After all, many of the descriptions of Nurgle suggest an active and engaged persona, and that is something I wanted to explore (model wise) for a while.

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