Saturday, March 27, 2010

Captain Rull Mothantis, part 3: Rules

For all intents and purposes, Rull is considered an HQ choice. He is best utilized in low (less than 1000 points) games, where a usual Chaos Space Marine choice might cost significantly more. Rull has the following profile and rules.

Captain Rull Mothantis (HQ slot)
Cost: 105 points
4 4 4 5 2 3 2 10 3+/6+
Unit Type: Jump Infantry
Number per army: 1 (unique).

Power Armour
Bolt pistol
Power Fist
Frag grenades
Krak grenades
Blight grenades

Special Rules:
Mark of Nurgle (included in profile / Toughness is 4 for instant death rules)
Feel no Pain
Independent Character
6+ Invulnerable save

Psychic Power:
Nurgle's Rot.
Special Condition: Rull MUST attempt to use Nurgle's Rot every turn, even if there are no enemies in range.

In terms of coming up with these rules, I simply price a plague champion and added on the power fist and the other accessories as standard. This was followed by adding on 15 points for the extra wound and rounding up. I used half-price wings as an incentive to select this character whereas the 6+ invulnerable save is about the only full give-away here. This is somewhat balanced by being forced to try to activate Nurgle's Rot every turn. He has no choice in this matter! If playing a narrative campaign, then I'd suggest that Rull cannot be "killed" by a perils of the Warp attack from being forced to use the Rot -- rather, the narrative should be that the Rot has incapacitated him for a time, until Nurgle re-animates him. It encourages the player to play him aggressively less he dies from the rot before the end of the game -- hence the very dynamic pose for the miniature (see part 2 of this mini-series).

The feel of these rules is about right for the points value. This is a low level character that represents someone who was once a possessed chaos space marine but is left with various "mutations" from the experience (power fist for an arm, wings, a 6+ save from once being daemon-kin and Nurgle's Rot that occasionally overcomes him).


Anton said...

looks nicely balanced, how about giving him cloud of flies from the deamon army book, they count as frag/krak (kinda)

jabberjabber said...

I guess I could have kept on adding heaps of stuff, but wanted to stop somewhere. The cloud of flies is an excellent suggestion, though, cheers!

Heinz said...

thumbs up on the balance.
so much homebrew stuff on the web is severly undercosted.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks, Heinz! Under-costing can be a big problem with homebrew rules, but I feel I've got this one about right.

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