Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shadow Sword: Part VI. Four Sponsons

The completely magnetized shadowsword approaches completion. The four sponsons have now been finished, as pictured below. Each one of them is magnetized and can be positioned on any of the side slots along the hull. Also, the armour plating is completely magnetized too and is therefore interchangeable with the sponsons.This virtually completes the assembly stage of the Shadow Sword. It can now be fielded in any of its six variants (banehammer, stormlord, etc.) with up to 4 heavy bolter plus las cannon sponsons. I decided against going with the heavy flamer option in the end as I figured more dakka was what this beast was all about. I'll let any troops on board the beast take care of things that are close enough to suffer a heavy flamer template!

About the only bit of assembly that I have left is the top hatch. I'm not entirely sure what will go there, so I'll leave that story until another day.

I'm now starting to think about paint schemes. My overall idea with this superheavy is to paint it in colours that are akin to the early days of the Horus Heresy. This would be in keeping with the iconography of the tank -- it has chaos stars over its hull instead of the imperial eagle, but the tank itself is not mutated at all (although I might add a few spikes here and there as finishing touches). Perhaps a Horus-aligned titan legion colour scheme? Suggestions welcome!


Col. Corbane said...

That's quite a nice looking tank mate, even for a heretic - lol

suneokun said...

Like to see you get that through customs...

Anton said...

looks very nice!

how about a normal looking guard looking paint scheme with chaos scrawings all over it?

jabberjabber said...

@ Corbane: thanks mate - that means a lot coming from you :)
@ Suneokun: hmmmmm. You might have a very good point there.
@ Anton: good idea - I'll take it on board.

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