Saturday, April 1, 2023

Large Update to the Horus Heresy 2e Summary Page

It is long overdue, but I have spent the past couple of days updating the Horus Heresy 2e Summary Page which is permanently linked from the top right of the blog for ease of access. To round out this post, I thought I'd also collect together some immediate thoughts and questions that I get asked.

Where are we up to then?
Every legion is done with one exception: Dark Angels. They will be coming soon enough. 
All core units are done, with one category exception: Lords of War. These will also be coming in the weeks ahead. 

Whats after that?
One of either Mechanicum or the new Black Book when it arrives. I haven't decided yet and it depends on timing I guess. 

"I have a question for you..."
Please do feel free to email if you want, and leave comments. Sometimes I make whole posts out of your inquiries to me. I value your feedback too, since I do make mistakes (copy and paste is fairly deadly afterall). Ratings out of 5 are obviously subjective though as are some of my comments about the units I review.

"Which legions do you regularly play with and against?"
I mainly play Alpha Legion. When not playing Alpha Legion, I play Iron Warriors which started with the second edition release. Both of these I happily play as either loyalist or traitor.
I am known to play Shattered Legions as well (Raven Guard, Salamanders, and Iron Hands). If you force me, I will also play daemonic Word Bearers and friends for a laugh once in a while.

I am known for playing at mid- to low-points value games as well, along with extended campaigns. Largely because high points value games take too long to complete on a given day given family and everything else I have to do in real life. Low points value games are something that I feel strongly about - people should play them more often!

I have experienced playing against every legion there is. As well as mechanicum, and all the other factions.

If you were to ask me which legions I play least against then the arguably surprise answer is Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists. I'm not even joking and I know what day it is today!


image box said...

I sent you an email a while ago, could you check it?

jabberjabber said...

I've responded to a few today already - wondering if yours was among them? Best regards

image box said...

I received your reply. Thank you! Jetbikes are really hard to use, but they look just as fun!

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