Friday, June 24, 2022

The First Beakie

The first beakie out of the new boxed set finally got built. At this rate it might take me a glacial epoch to get through the rest of the set!

Some thoughts, but not necessarily in any order.

The bonded shoulder pad (the one with the bumps on) comes as two parts! I mean, what the? Couldn't quite understand why to be honest when there was what appeared to be plenty of room on the sprue.

The bayonet (as well as the chain) fixing have their own special rules. This means that these miniatures are some of the only ones in the game that can take advantage of these upgrades. Would have liked if other marks could have used them.

Backwards compatibility is not all it could be - the torsos cannot be mixed and matched with other marks. In one way this is fluffy of course. But in other ways it prevents kit bashing which for so long has been a hallmark of the range.

Speaking of range, there are only 5 poses. There's enough variation within the set to not make this matter though, but this is disappointing. 

Really nice bolt pistol holsters and accessories that are much improved. The detail is amazing. With that said, I still drilled my own bolt gun!


Unknown said...

The reason the bonding stud shoulder is in 2 parts is because the plastic moulding process would otherwise cause the studs on the sides to become an odd teardrop shape. You can see this on the plastic mk4 legs and studded shoulder.

jabberjabber said...

Heretical thoughts: the new style of studs doesn't blend in with the older style well and was considered "normal". I'll show myself the door!! ;)

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