Thursday, January 27, 2022

Back to Bases: Be'Lakor

As bases go, Be'Lakor takes some beating. This then, is the start of one of my projects for the next few weeks and probably months. 

Of course, I have the old miniature of Be'Lakor still in my collection. He is now heavily converted with some pincer arms to give off a bit more of a Slaaneshi vibe. I have regularly used him over many years in a variety of daemon and chaos space marine armies in a variety of guises. Not only as himself, but also as a daemon prince, a generic greater daemon, and more recently as a 30k daemon

The new miniature - and it is not so miniature - is nothing short of a beauty. It is not without good reason that it was identified as one of the miniatures of the year when it was released. It is also one that I have wanted to have in my collection since I saw it, but only really had the opportunity when I nicely asked Santa if he would deliver it. I think I must have been a good boy after all. 

With the base now assembled, I'm looking forward to getting the rest of this legend assembled. More later on this project!

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