Sunday, January 2, 2022

Retrospective and the Year Ahead

The past year was not a good one for the Hobby for me personally. The reasons for this range from months of home schooling through to contracting the virus myself. With time being short, it was also hardly one for playing any games.

I have a number of miniature projects on the boil at the moment though. These include but are not limited to Corax painting, The Changeling, and Be'Lakor. My shattered legions forces are almost completed as well and ready for a battle or two. 

In the coming year, Games Workshop has already teased a number of previews. I'm excited for the coming Avatar of Khaine, along with other Eldar releases. Looks like Dark Eldar Wytches as well, and a Wardog. I'm tempted to say Tyranid Gargoyles too, but maybe a Lictor. Perhaps, just perhaps, Maugan Ra as well? 

The continued drip feed of rules for Horus Heresy is still nice to have and I will be reviewing them as and when they come along. Posts might be intermittent still due to the pandemic and real life taking priority. Thanks for the understanding :)


Geeky Catholic said...

sorry to hear it, its been quite good for me though, finnished my HH Imperial Fists (Templar chapter) for Zone Mortalis games and already a 6th of the way through my HH Dark Angels army

OJ said...

Love the blog, always good to see you hobby regardless of frequency! Hope you recover well!

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