Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Horus Heresy Review: Red Hand Destroyer Assault Squad

Bit late with this one (and updating the blog more generally) due to real life. But here it is: the Red Hand Destroyer Squad. The so-called "Red Hand" is the Butcher's Mark - awarded to those who displayed excessive violence by the Master of the World Eaters, or to those who simply slay much higher ranked officers in the same legion. Rather than these squads being made up of brothers who share fraternity with each other, they are stand out rivals; competing with each other in the World Eater's vanguard to be worth of the symbol. 

These units are destroyer squads with some nice extra upgrades and rules. The Bearers of the Blood Hand rule is a kind of negative harkening back to the old days of Khorne Berserkers in 4th Edition 40k -- they have to charge an enemy within 12 inches if possible. The Ravaging Assault rule gives them +1 to combat resolution and sweeping advances. Together, and with upgrades, this makes this squad a frightful opponent in close combat. Counter attack and the usual World Eaters rules is just the icing on the cake. 

This is an "ordinary" squad of marines with 1 wound and a 3+ save each. Treat them as such!

The biggest problem is that they take up a very cramped Elites spot in my opinion. 

10 Ravagers, 2 with Thunder Hammers, and the Blood Bonded with a 3rd thunder hammer and artificer armour. (260 points). 
Take a rhino. Hammer time.

5 Ravagers, all with jump packs, 1 missile launcher with suspensor, Blood Bonded with power fist. All with jump packs. (175 points).
A bit of a base line unit, but also a distraction carnifex. 

15 Ravagers, all with jump packs, 3 missile launchers, Blood Bonded with power fist. (415 points).
Getting to a larger size here, and a significant threat when used well.

The above builds don't explicitly use twin falax blades and the like, but feel free to experiment in that department. Phosphex bombs would also be useful in certain situations and could well be added to the second squad listed for additional threat. 

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